For Immediate Release

Alert on Fraudulent Channel on Telegram

Hong Kong, 24 November, 2022 - Airstar Bank wishes to alert the general public of a fraudulent channel on Telegram using the channel name “Airstar Bank 天星金融”and hyperlink "hxxps://t[.]me/Airstarbank". The general public should pay special attention to any request of fund transfer to third party account(s), provision of personal information and other sensitive information, and call(s) at bogus hotline number(s) sent from the channel. Customers should also refrain from visiting the said channel or downloading any suspicious files from the channel.

Please note that as of 24 November 2022, Airstar Bank has not registered any account or opened any channel on Telegram, and the fraudulent channel has no connection with Airstar Bank.

The case has been reported to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the Hong Kong Police Force for further investigation.

Customers who may have provided sensitive information, or have conducted any financial transactions through the above-mentioned Telegram channel are advised to immediately report the case to the Hong Kong Police Force, and call the Bank hotline at 3718 1818 for immediate verification. Customers, who are suspicious about the identity of any channel or website with name(s) similar to the Bank, are also advised to call the Bank hotline at 3718 1818 for verification.